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Magnus: Robot Fighter #1

Magnus: Robot Fighter #1 Comic Review

$3.50, Dark Horse Story: Jim Shooter Art: Bill Reinhold, Raymond Swanland (cover) Colours: Wes Dzioba With Dark Horse’s new retro-fitted Magnus: Robot Fighter, Jim Shooter takes us back to the year 4000 and the futuristic city of New Am, a technological haven where robots fulfil every duty from policing the streets to working as effeminate […]

Alien vs. Predator: Three World War #1

Alien vs. Predator: Three World War #1 Review

Dark Horse, $3.50 Script: Randy Stradley Pencils: Rick Leonardi Inks: Mark Pennington Colours: Wez Dzioba Anyone who got into comics during the early nineties will likely have fond memories of Dark Horse’s numerous movie tie-ins, the most successful of which by far was Aliens vs. Predator and its thousand or so predecessors. Well, having recently […]

Mass Effect: Redemption #2

Mass Effect: Redemption #2 Comic Review

Dark Horse, $3.50 Story: Mac Walters Script: John Jackson Miller Art: Omar Francia Colours: Michel Atiyeh The universe Bioware have forged for Mass Effect is nothing short of magnificent, but it doesn’t take a particularly keen eye to spot the problem in expanding this blossoming space opera franchise into other media. While the promotional material […]