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D.O.G.S. of Mars

Image Comics to Publish Dogs of Mars TPB

Image Comics will be publishing a trade paperback collection of issues 1-4 of D.O.G.S. of Mars, the sci-fi/horror title originally sold via digital platform Comixology.com. The series, produced by Philadelphia-based studio South Fellini (Moon Girl, LaMorte Sisters) and illustrated by Paul Maybury (Marvel Strange Tales, Comic Book Tattoo and webcomic Party Bear) follows Zoe, the swashbuckling captain […]

Shadoweyes in Love

Fighting Crime and Raging Hormones in Shadoweyes in Love

Second volume of critically-acclaimed series by Ross Campbell due out in April Press Release: Scout Montana has just started to come to terms with turning into a mutant and becoming a superhero, but fate decided that isn’t enough complication in the life of the teenage vigilante. In the second volume of Ross Campbell’s critically acclaimed […]

Magnus: Robot Fighter #1

Magnus: Robot Fighter #1 Comic Review

$3.50, Dark Horse Story: Jim Shooter Art: Bill Reinhold, Raymond Swanland (cover) Colours: Wes Dzioba With Dark Horse’s new retro-fitted Magnus: Robot Fighter, Jim Shooter takes us back to the year 4000 and the futuristic city of New Am, a technological haven where robots fulfil every duty from policing the streets to working as effeminate […]

Maximum Lifespan

Maximum Lifespan – Dr. Ed Park Interview

A few months back I reviewed Dr. Ed Park’s Maximum Lifespan, an intelligent and multifaceted sci-fi thriller set in world where medical technology is close to unlocking the secrets of immortality. Ed, a Californian physician practicing Ob-Gyn, Laser Aesthetics and Anti-Aging, financed the book himself, and it has to be one of the slickest self-published […]