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Dave Gibbons

Dave Gibbons Interview: On the Digital Artist 2009 Awards and Watchmen

I recently had the opportunity to talk to comic book veteran and Watchman co-creator Dave Gibbons. Dave is currently promoting the Digital Artist 2009 awards, but was also happy to share his thoughts on the virtues of digital illustration and digitally distributed comics. Please tell us why you decided to get involved in the Digital […]

Watchmen’s Dr Manhattan Skinny Dips in the Thames Tonight

www.rubberrepublic.com has it that giant-sized blue meanie Dr. Manhattan will be visiting the South Bank this evening, as part of a water projected display  held between the London Eye and the Shell Building. The display, which will involve projecting footage across a 70ft wall of water fountains, will take place at 8.00PM. I’m currently having […]