Watchmen Viral Teaser Trailers Collected in 80s Retro Player

Unless, like me, you plan to spend the next 10 days in a makeshift stasis pod constructed from a bathtub, frozen peas and a sheet of tinted Perspex, you’re probably climbing the walls for a way to pass the time until March 6th.

Yes, March 6th is the day we finally get to see Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, a movie which some have been anticipating since the series’ release in 1986, and I’ve been hoping would never see the light of day. Read the book, you damn dirty illiterates!

Anyway, for those whose curiosities have been piqued by the recent TV commercials and want to find out more, viral marketing agency Rubber Republic has collected its rather excellent retro news stories into this neat little pseudo-TV player.

There’s also a Double Dragon / Streets of Rage inspired game, which is great fun for a few minutes. Virtual quarters included.



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