Watchmen’s Dr Manhattan Skinny Dips in the Thames Tonight has it that giant-sized blue meanie Dr. Manhattan will be visiting the South Bank this evening, as part of a water projected display  held between the London Eye and the Shell Building. The display, which will involve projecting footage across a 70ft wall of water fountains, will take place at 8.00PM.

I’m currently having an argument with my inner geek as to whether I should go or not. Unfortunately, my empty wallet and alarming bank balance look likely to win.

My financial woes aside, here’s another clip from the Watchmen movie, which I’m told is based on a sort of radical picture book that proves popular with the criminally insane. This quieter clip is also the only Watchmen scene I have come across so far to be completely devoid of slowmo; which is quite encouraging.

And in case anyone wonders why I’ve suddenly stopped writing original content and have instead began complacently pasting YouTube videos into my the site, you should know that the last two virals I posted scored more visits than any article or review I’ve ever written has. Which is really quite dispiriting…



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