4 More Featurettes for The Watchmen Movie

I recently entered a state of panic when I discovered that my local Odeon would not be showing The Watchmen this Friday. Thankfully, it turns out they are, and the baby I kidnapped in protest can be handed back to his rightful owners.

Anyway, here’s a quartet of featurettes, interviewing Snyder, the stars and Dave Gibbons, comparing the film to Alan Moore’s opus.

Zack Snyder & Dave Gibbons


Nite Owl II & Rorschach


Dr. Manhattan & Silk Spectre


The Comedian & Ozymandias


Special Watchmen Edition Metro Hits Streets Friday

According to www.rubberrepublic.com, here in Blighty this Friday the London Metro, scourge of all traditionally distributed tabloids, will be wrapped as The New Frontiersman. This is both cool and odd; cool in the sense that it’s another piece of merchandise to clutter my house up with, odd in that approx. 0.01% of the British population are likely to appreciate the reference.



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