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Victorian Undead: Sherlock Holmes vs. Zombies!

Victorian Undead: Sherlock Holmes vs. Zombies! Review

2010, Wildstorm/Titan Books Story: Ian Edginton Art: Davide Fabbri, Tom Mandrake Colours: Carrie Strachan Yet another entry built from the “classic fiction + zombies = junk culture irony” formula, Victorian Undead takes the world’s greatest detective and – if the superfluous “Sherlock Holmes vs. Zombies!” does not already made it clear enough – pits him […]

Victorian Undead #1 - Sherlock Holmes

Victorian Undead #1 Review

Wildstorm, $2.99 Story: Ian Edginton Art: Davide Fabbri, Carrie Strachan The current trend in lazy literature seems to be the implementation of zombies or vampires into every pre-existing work of fiction under the sun. Ian Edginton’s Victorian Undead clearly craves a piece of the popular pie, and while this undead romp starring superior sleuth Sherlock […]

Red Herring #3

Red Herrin #3 Comic Book Review

Wildstorm Story: David Tischman Art: Philip Bond, David Kahn Colours: Guy Major Three issues into Red Herring and I’m still no sure what to make of it. It’s never exceptionally thrilling, original or intriguing, and yet there’s an indefinable quality about it that keeps me reading. Perhaps it’s Philip Bond’s (Vimanarama) wonderfully energetic art, the […]

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash #1

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: The Nightmare Warriors #1 Review

Dynamite Entertainment/Wildstorm Writers: Jeff Katz, James Kuhoric Art: Jason Craig Colours: Gabe Eltaeb There was a time when Bruce Campbell was God to all geeks. A B-list actor who just happened to be the best looking out of a gang of aspiring filmmakers. An everyday guy amongst pretentious stars, who seemed quite happy performing cameos […]