Victorian Undead #1 - Sherlock Holmes

Victorian Undead #1 Review

Wildstorm, $2.99
Story: Ian Edginton
Davide Fabbri, Carrie Strachan

The current trend in lazy literature seems to be the implementation of zombies or vampires into every pre-existing work of fiction under the sun. Ian Edginton’s Victorian Undead clearly craves a piece of the popular pie, and while this undead romp starring superior sleuth Sherlock Holmes falls prey to numerous clichés, it’s actually an enjoyable enough title that also throws in elements of steampunk, a government conspiracy and a fluorescent green meteorite for good measure.

Victorian Undead #1 - Sherlock Holmes

Victorian Undead #1 - Sherlock Holmes

Edginton’s script nails the tone for the most part, and his discourse between Holmes and a pleasingly intelligent Watson works very well. But it’s the crisp illustrations by Davide Fabbri and Carrie Strachan’s fantastic palette in particular that make Victorian Undead a lot of fun. Sure, it’s derivative fun, but fun nevertheless.


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