Batman and Son TPB - Damien

Batman and Son TPB Review

2007, DC Writer: Grant Morrison Art: Andy Kubert, Jesse Delperdang, Guy Major, Dave Stewart, John Van Fleet Grant Morrison’s nineties runs on titles such as Animal Man and Doom Patrol showcased not only the virtually limitless scope of his imagination, but his ability to take franchises that were long considered embarrassments by publisher DC, and […]

Jonah Hex

Warner Bros. Freezes Plans for DC Comics Movies, Jonah Hex Movie gets New Director

Titbits I collected while desperately wandering the internet on a midnight caffeine high: Warner Bros. places films on hold According to an interview with David Goyer on IESB, Warner Bros. have temporarily put all of their DC related projects on hold. Given the Dark Knight’s recent success, it’s far more likely that they are plotting […]