Silver Surfer: Requiem

Silver Surfer: Requiem Review

2008, Marvel Knights Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Artist: Esad Ribic Could there be a more hippyish comic book creation than the Silver Surfer? A metallic dude who surfs the cosmos, refusing to cover his androgynous shame lest it cramp his streamline style. The Fabulous Freak Brothers have nothing on Norrin Radd. While popular culture has […]

Justice League: The New Frontier DVD

Justice League: The New Frontier DVD Review

2008, Warner Bros. Director: Dave Bullock Written by: Stan Berkowitz, Darwyn Cooke Cast: Kyle MacLachlan, Jeremy Sisto, Lucy Lawless, Neil Patrick Harris, David Boreanaz, Phil Morris, Miguel Ferrer, Brooke Shields, Kyra Sedgwick While DC’s first direct-to-video animated film Superman: Doomsday wasn’t disastrous, for the sake of brevity it abandoned all but a few key features […]