Yet Another Watchmen Teaser – The Keene Act & You

Continuing a viral campaign that looks to outdo even The Dark Knight, here’s another video to wet thine appetite. This time it’s a Government PSA on behalf of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, informing us all about the Keene Act. It’s a great clip, which not only acts as nifty 70s take on 50s American propaganda videos, but gives anyone too lazy to read the graphic novel a good clue as to what the Watchmen universe is all about.

More than any other clip I’ve seen so far, this has sealed my confidence in Zack Snyder’s movie. If nothing else, the feel of the film should be spot on. With so many similar teasers about the net, and the promise of a Black Freighter animated short when the film makes it to DVD, I am curious as to how Warner will integrate it all into the home viewing package. A slightly extended cut with a crap load of additional footage doesn’t really do pieces like this justice.



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