Batwoman in Detective Comics #855

Detective Comics #855 Comic Book Review

DC Writer: Greg Rucka Artist: J.H. William III, Cully Hamner Colours: Dave Stewart, Laura Martin The art on Detective Comics has so far been dazzling, J.H. William III’s realistic pencils and elaborate panel compositions set off by Dave Stewart’s measured use of red. William’s is also capable of versatility, shifting styles when the tone demands […]

Dark Wolverine #76

Dark Reign: Dark Wolverine #76 Review

Marvel Writers: Daniel Way, Marjorie Liu Pencils: Giuseppe Camuncoli Inks: Onofrio Catacchio Daken continues to prove that he’s not the genuine Wolverine, he’s just a very naughty boy, as he playfully manipulates Norman Osborn, Hawkeye/Bullseye and the Fantastic Four to his advantage. ‘The Prince’ is an example of a pretty average comic plot held together […]

Justice Society of America #29

Justice Society of America #29 Review

DC Writer: Bill Willingham, Matthew Sturges Art: Jesus Merino Colours: Allen Passalaqua As proudly stated across the cover, a new creative team marks a new start for Justice Society of America. Readers expecting anything to rival Fables from Bill Willingham are going to be disappointed, as this issue’s plot was as old-school as many of […]