Poetry in (e)Motion: The Illustrated Words of Scroobius Pip

Poetry in (e)Motion: The Illustrated Words of Scroobius Pip Review

Words: Scroobius Pip Art: Mister Paterson, Anthony Gregori, Michael Spicer, Joe Cunningham, Damian Claughton, Inna Aizenshtein, CJ McCracken, Matt Frodsham, Ben Williams, Cowfree… amongst others Named after the unclassifiable creature from Edward Lear’s classic poem, Scroobius Pip, aka David Meads, is a likewise curious beast. A spoken word hip hop artist whose music with cohort […]

Stephen King's N.

Stephen King’s N. #1 Comic Review

Marvel, $3.99 Creative director: Stephen king Script: Marc Guggenheim Art: Alex Maleev The sequential art edition of Stephen King’s N. has a somewhat convoluted production history. Originally part of King’s short story collection Just After Sunset, it was translated into a series of twenty-five ninety second-long video “mobisodes” by Spider-man and Flash writer Marc Guggenheim […]

Omnitarium #2

Omnitarium #2 Comic Book Review

Ronin Sudios Writer: Jamie Gambell Art: J.C. Grande Letters: Bernie Lee Issue 1 of Jamie Gambell’s sinister period horror Omnitarium was a book of two distinct acts. An action-packed prologue detailed the execution of cultist Harrow Moonheart a century before the main events of a second, slower and more ominous half set within the confines […]

Song of Saya #1

Song of Saya #1 Comic Review

IDW, $3.99 Writers: Daniel Liatowitsch, Todd Ocvirk Art: Yair Herrera A young doctor’s promise is cut short when a car accident kills his parents and leaves him in need of experimental brain surgery. Josh finds his perceptions warping from between our established reality and a hellish landscape of organic, haemorrhaging structures and hideous physiognomies. Now […]