Sean Dietrich Takes New Kid’s Book on 10,000 Mile US Tour

In the age of the internet when most artists rely on online sales to promote, or a rare decent paying, steady gig at a big company to pay the bills, Sean Dietrich is going against the grain with a six month, 10,000 mile U.S. Live Art Tour starting Aug 1st to promote several new books, including a brand new kid’s book ‘The Fruits of Our Labor’, and introduce thousands of new people to his own special brand of live art.

Ink Pen Mutations

Memorial Day Sale at Ink Pen Mutations’ Revamped Site

Press release: Ink Pen Mutations announced today that in celebration for huge website redo they are launching a huge Memorials day sale. From May 28th to May 31st everything on their website will be 30% off.  All of their illustrated fiction hits including Zombie Cadence to Mother’s Urn are included in the sale. Click on […]

Egg Story by J. Marc Schmidt

Egg Story Review

2011, Slave Labor Graphics Written and Illustrated by J. Marc Schmidt Comic artists, animators and cartoonists have anthropomorphised everything from dinosaurs to wabbits, but outside of Humpty Dumpty I’d be hard pressed to name another tale committed to sentient eggs. A dark comedy on the fragility of life, Marc Schmidt’s Egg Story chronicles the beginnings, […]