Sean Dietrich Takes New Kid’s Book on 10,000 Mile US Tour

After 900 live art shows in Southern California over 11 years, Sean Dietrich hops in his car to drive his unique live painting, and a new kid’s book ‘The Fruits of Our Labor’, to the rest of the country on a six month tour to promote creative living, and arts awareness.

Press release: In the age of the internet when most artists rely on online sales to promote, or a rare decent paying, steady gig at a big company to pay the bills, Sean Dietrich is going against the grain with a six month, 10,000 mile U.S. Live Art Tour starting Aug 1st to promote several new books, including a brand new kid’s book ‘The Fruits of Our Labor’, and introduce thousands of new people to his own special brand of live art. With all the art programs being ripped out of California schools, Dietrich insists on a public tour de force to promote his books, art, and a way of life he’s spent the last 30 years developing since he first put crayon to paper. And he’s doing it all with his wife, and co-author of ‘Fruits’, and 3-year-old daughter out of the back of his Volvo and tent trailer.

Sean Dietrich’s Catalepsy
Sean Dietrich’s Catalepsy

Sure, you can see artists at galleries and at comic cons every so often, but Dietrich is driving across the U.S. hitting comic stores, comic conventions, galleries, nightclubs, festivals and more to promote, in person, his books and art. While you will be able to sample the darker art Dietrich is known for, the tour itself is focusing on a new kid’s book ‘The Fruits of Our Labor’, illustrated by Dietrich and written by Rachel Dietrich and Lexi Sadler. The book itself, simply put, is AWESOME! We always tell our kids, “Eat your fruits and veggies, and you’ll grow up big and strong!”, but what do you do when you DO grow up big and strong? Well, our cast of garden grown characters will show you. By coupling fruits and veggies with occupations in an alphabet style book, such as the ‘Artistic Artichoke’, ‘Stay at Home Strawberry’, and ‘Onion the Optometrist’, we are able to teach children about different and unique things to eat, and allow them to learn about a multitude of cool job possibilities they can strive for as they grow up.

The main themes the creators are surrounding the promoting of the book with are raising awareness of healthy living, creativity with food, supplementing children’s knowledge of art, and teaching them how to apply creative thinking in their day-to-day life; a concept and commitment of the creators that hits close to home as they watch art, music and drama being taken out of the California schools because of budget cuts. In San Diego, the creators are teaming up with chefs and fitness experts to throw events that will offer demos to children, covering everything from how to make food fun, to simple exercises they can do, to discussions on how to enhance their lives creatively.

Also available on this tour will be the full line of the artist’s art prints, original art, and his new books ‘Bubbles from Atlantis’ written by Richard A. Webster, and Dietrich’s 10 yr. anniversary live art book ‘I Brought the Gutter’. Both books are also available from Colosseum Publishing online at and at

Current tour dates are as follows with many, many more dates to follow including club dates and store signings in most of the cities:

5/31 – Poster Show @ Bar Basic (San Diego)
6/4 – Dragonfly (Hollywood, CA)
6/5 – Happenin’ Harry @ The Cat Club (Hollywood, CA)
6/23 – NOHO Studios Show (North Hollywood, CA)
6/24 – Beer and Sake Festival (San Diego, CA)
7/19 – Poems, Rhymes and Tales @ Bar Basic (San Diego, CA)
7/21 – 24th – San Diego Comic Con (San Diego, CA)
8/11 – 8/14 – Wizard World Chicago (Chicago, IL)
8/20 – 8/21 – Baltimore Comic Con (Baltimore, MD)
9/24 – Jet City Comic Con (Seattle, WA)
10/29 – 10/30 – Long Beach Comic Con (Long Beach, CA)
11/11 – 11/13 – Wizard World Austin (Austin, TX)
1/28 – 1/29 – Wizard World New Orleans (New Orleans, LA)5/31 – Poster Show @ Bar Basic (San Diego)

Sean Dietrich currently lives in San Diego (at least for the next 2 months!) and has been published since he was 15. He used his live art as a marketing tool when his first book ‘industriacide’ came out because he was too broke to buy ad space to promote, and it’s since become a successful career. Dietrich has painted at the lowliest dive bars on up to celebrity filled clubs in Beverly Hills, and has been able to maintain his status in the underground art scene in San Diego, helping new artists break into live art and make a living off of their craft. The artist has also been apart of numerous charity events raising thousands of dollars through donated paintings that are auctioned off.

Help fund the tour on

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