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Green Lantern - Ryan Reynolds

Is New Green Lantern Movie Trailer Cause for Concern?

This is a few days late, but I thought I’d share the new Green Lantern Wondercon trailer that’s given us a considerable idea of how Martin Campbell’s slightly worrying blockbuster is shaping up. I’ve had my doubts about this one (as have many), but there’s some really impressive visuals on display here, Mark Strong’s Sinestro […]

Justice League Movie

Justice League Movie Rumours Return

A recent interview with Warner Bros. executive Jeff Robinov in The Los Angeles Times has suggested new plans for a Justice League movie, no doubt inspired by the hype (and good will) surrounding Marvel’s upcoming Avengers. Unlike this year’s continuity primers Captain America and Thor, however, it appears that the Justice League film will itself […]

Thor Movie Poster - Chris Hemsworth

New Thor Movie Posters are Epically Fugly

Following the release of 20th Century Fox’s promising X-Men: First Class posters last week, Paramount and Marvel Studios have decided to take a less inspired approach to promoting that other impending Marvel movie, Kenneth Branagh’s Thor (source: IGN). Yup, they’re bland, inappropriately Gothic, and unlikely to appeal to a) those clued into the Thor comics, […]