Dominic Cooper Confirms Captain America

SuperHeroHype has confirmed that Dominic Cooper will play Howard Stark, Iron Man’s father, in Joe Johnston’s 2011 superhero flick Captain America: The First Avenger.

Howard Stark recently made an appearance in Iron Man 2, played by John Slattery. Cooper will portray the pioneer some thirty years before Slattery’s Stark Expo footage, in the film’s World War II segment.

Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau had previously stated that Stark Senior would make an appearance in The First Avenger, to further emphasise that Marvel’s movies all take place in the same universe.

Cooper was also rumoured to be playing another Marvel comic role; Fandral of The Wariors Three in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, but this never panned out.



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  1. For the Avengers movie I think Charisma Carpenter as the Wasp would be a good choice.

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