X-Men First Class

New X-Men: First Class Posters are Second Rate

With so many Marvel movie projects on the go at once, nary a day goes by where we’re not treated to another intriguing publicity image or poster. These two new X-Men: First Class posters, however, are anything but a treat.

In fact, they may well be some of the most uninspiring, half-hearted promo images I’ve ever seen. I might have churned out some crap in my time working for a B2B magazine, but I’m sure that whoever produced these for 20th Century Fox received considerably more pay. It’s a shame that Fox released them at all, really. The other recent X-Men: First Class posters were not only visually imposing but gave a good idea as to the tone and style of the upcoming film.

X-Men First ClassX-Men First Class

P.S.: In the likely event that these images were the work of an unpaid intern who had an eleventh hour design task thrust upon him, I do apologise.

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