Fool’s Gold Graphic Novel Project Is Far From Worthless

Fool's Gold by Dearne High

Fool's Gold by Dearne High

Last February I wrote a feature/review on Fool’s Gold, a graphic novel project from the pupils of the Dearne High Specialist Humanities College in Rotherham. The book was a lot of fun, and I felt it did a great job of both introducing the comic medium into schools and getting teenagers to think beyond the boundaries of one particular storytelling method.

The project appears to have ignited interest from other schools and libraries and Peter Shaw, who masterminded the scheme, has asked me to publish a list of the people in question that have supported the book:

The Dearne High wishes to thank the following public libraries for investing where it counts in what we know to be a truly unique partnership project that is about “encouraging greater numbers of students to read – particularly boys…”

Thanks go to:

Claire O’Brien – Doncaster Central Library – who purchased 28 copies for each of their local libraries,

Jill Craven – Barnsley Central Library – who purchased 10 copies for each of their local libraries,

David Hague – Rotherham Central Library – who purchased 18 copies for each of their local libraries,

David Tanner – Northallerton Central Library – who purchased 15 copies for each of their local libraries,

Matthew Milburn – Kingstone School Barnsley – who purchased 30 copies for their school

David Newman – Ridgewood School Doncaster – who purchased 30 copies for their school

Lynne Coppendale – Danum College Library Doncaster – who purchased 5 copies for their school

There are many other libraries and schools that are currently interested in joining this project.  We will continue to publish our thanks for their support as and when they purchase copies.

And that’s it for now, though I’ll update the list in a few weeks. Good luck, guys.

Fool’s Gold is published by Grosvenor House, and can be purchased from Amazon for just £8.99.

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