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Egg Story by J. Marc Schmidt

Egg Story Review

2011, Slave Labor Graphics Written and Illustrated by J. Marc Schmidt Comic artists, animators and cartoonists have anthropomorphised everything from dinosaurs to wabbits, but outside of Humpty Dumpty I’d be hard pressed to name another tale committed to sentient eggs. A dark comedy on the fragility of life, Marc Schmidt’s Egg Story chronicles the beginnings, […]

Amity Blamity

Amity Blamity: Book One Review

2011, SLG Publishing Written & illustrated by Mike White Amity Blamity follows mute four year-old Gretchen and Chester, a potbellied pig whose ability to talk seems to have earned him a place in Gretchen’s grandmother’s home, rather than hanging from and abattoir hook. Their serene, Pooh-esque playtime is frequently disrupted by Winston, a paranoid gerbil […]