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Amity Blamity

Amity Blamity: A Fun For All-Ages Farmland Adventure

Pot bellies, pigtails and flying garlic invade the family farm in new SLG graphic novel series Press Release: Starting a new job is an adventure for anyone, but when you are a four-year old girl working in the barnyard offices of a pot-bellied pig adventure becomes more than a euphemism. So goes Amity Blamity, the […]

Shadoweyes in Love

Fighting Crime and Raging Hormones in Shadoweyes in Love

Second volume of critically-acclaimed series by Ross Campbell due out in April Press Release: Scout Montana has just started to come to terms with turning into a mutant and becoming a superhero, but fate decided that isn’t enough complication in the life of the teenage vigilante. In the second volume of Ross Campbell’s critically acclaimed […]