Vesha Valentine

The Vesha Valentine Story Revealed

New Art/Story Book Tells Life Story of Fictional Bombshell.

Press Release: From the cabarets of Paris to the big screen in Tinsel Town, Vesha Valentine has broken hearts, entertained millions and suffered more ups and downs in her life as she struggled with both the fortunes and losses brought on by fame.

The Vesha Valentine Story by UK artist Des Taylor, tells the story of this fictional bombshell who rockets to stardom on the strength of her beauty, charm and talents. Begun by Taylor as an art book, The Vesha Valentine Story began to take shape in his mind when he was commissioned to use the character in a series of displays for Theo Fennell’s (the UK’s jeweler to the stars) Christmas Window display in 2009. It was from there that Taylor’s thoughts began to veer towards a more story-driven project for the cartoon beauty.

Vesha Valentine
Vesha Valentine

“I began to imagine her doing very complex and sexy dance routines, something that would have (back in the 60’s) that would have held people in awe while creating a storm from certain people.” The sexy innocence of the character is reflected in her story in a nostalgic way as her movies are all giant set pieces with hundreds of dancers that seemed almost commonplace thirty years ago.

The Vesha Valentine Story will be coming from SLG Publishing in February 2011. Presented in full color will be priced at $12.95 with an isbn of 978-1-59362-207-7 and available through and at better book stores and comics shops. A preview and free download of the first 22 pages of the comic are available at the publishers website at

SLG Publishing will be celebrating its 25th year in 2011. Known for its dark humor hit Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, SLG Publishing has been the launchpad for many creators including Jhonen Vasquez, Faith Erin Hicks and Tommy Kovac.



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