Cartoonist Sandra de Haan’s Strips Get The English Treatment

Dutch comic artist Sandra de Haan is currently translating her excellent comic strips into English. Her humour definitely translates well, with Sandra’s candid strips commenting on anything from surviving film festivals and enduring the BBC’s wilting standards to the social intricacies of toileting. She has a unique brand of quirk that will definitely appeal to […]

Punisher #6

Dark Reign: Punisher #6 Comic Review

Writer: Rick Remender Artist: Tan Eng Huat Colours: Lee Loughbridge One of the most enjoyable facets of Dark Reign, this rebranded Punisher: War Journal has so far been a blast. With Norman Osborn’s sovereignty overshadowing every major Marvel title at the moment, Frank Castle has his work cut out for him, and Rick Remender has […]