Batman #691

Batman Reborn: Batman #691 Comic Review

DC Writer: Judd Winick Pencils: Mark Bagley Inks: Rob Hunter Colours: Pete Pantazis As the ‘Long Shadows’ arc thankfully reaches its conclusion, I think it’s fair to say that Judd Winick’s run on Batman hasn’t gone down too well with readers or reviewers. While I’ve enjoyed Winick’s quieter moments between Dick and Alfred, I think […]

Red Herring #3

Red Herrin #3 Comic Book Review

Wildstorm Story: David Tischman Art: Philip Bond, David Kahn Colours: Guy Major Three issues into Red Herring and I’m still no sure what to make of it. It’s never exceptionally thrilling, original or intriguing, and yet there’s an indefinable quality about it that keeps me reading. Perhaps it’s Philip Bond’s (Vimanarama) wonderfully energetic art, the […]