Green Lantern Corps #41

Blackest Night: Green Lantern Corps #41 Review

DC Writer: Peter J. Tomasi Pencils: Patrick Gleason Inks: Rebecca Buchman, Tom Nguyen, Prentis Rollins Colours: Randy Mayor, Gabe Eltaeb While Blackest Night has been pretty consistent, the rise of almost every fallen hero into the ranks of the undead appears to be reaching its point of exhaustion. Whereas Sinestro was a fascinating villain, wily […]

Detective Comics Annual 11

Detective Comics Annual 11 Review

DC Writers: Fabian Nicieza, Mandy McMurray Art: Tom Mandrake, Kelly Jones Colours: Nathan Eyring, Michelle Madsen While the first part of Fabien Nicieza’s Azrael story ‘The Eighth Deadly Sin’ was pretty underwhelming, it’s nice to see this conclusion improve on it considerably. This is mainly due to the appearance of the Question, a character who […]

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 - Captain America and Iron Man

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Xbox 360 Review

Punch. Blast. Level up. Repeat. Ultimate Alliance 2, the latest in Activision’s series of button–bashing Marvel “RPG ‘em ups,” would make for a very interesting study on the change in brain activity over the course of a game. Its single player story mode is capable of invoking such incredibly contrasting responses, ranging from delight to […]

Uncanny X-Men #516

Uncanny X-Men #516 Comic Book Review

Marvel Writer: Matt Fraction Pencils: Greg Land Inks: Jay Leisten Colours: Justin Ponsor Magneto’s back, and he’s more civil than ever before! Perhaps the biggest surprise with this issue was the way in which Matt Fraction handles the X-Men’s most formidable foe’s return. Not with a world-threatening bang, but with as understated an entrance as […]

Deadpool #900

Deadpool #900 Comic Book Review

Marvel Writers: Jason Aaron, Fred Van Lente, Mike Benson, Joe Kelly, Duane Swierczynski, Victor Gischler, Charlie Huston, James Felder Artists: Chris Staggs, Dalibor Talajic, Damion Scott, Rob Liefeld, Shawn Crystal, Sanford Greene, Kyle Baker, Pete Woods…and many more It’s hard to believe that we’ve laughed and cried our way though 900 issues of Deadpool… no, […]