DC Universe Online: Legends #1

DC Universe Online: Legends #1 Comic Review

DC Comics, $2.99 Story: Marv Wolfman, Tony Bedard Art: Howard Porter, Livesay, Adriana Melo, Norman Lee Colours: Carrie Strachan DC Universe Online: Legends sits in the rather unenviable position of being a comic book based on a video game based on a comic book. However, DCUO is no ordinary video game but an MMO; an […]

Nemesis - Mark Millar, Steve McNiven

Millar & McNiven’s Nemesis TPB Review

2011, Icon Comics/Titan Books Script: Mark Millar Art: Steve McNiven Colours: Dave McCaig The Mark Millar hype train continues with Nemesis, a series which turns the Batman mythos on its head and supposes that an orphaned billionaire with revenge issues uses his wealth to become the fastest, fittest, smartest costumed villain in the world. At […]

Batman: Heart of Hush

Batman: Heart of Hush TPB Review

2009, DC Comics Story: Paul Dini Art: Dustin Nguyen Colours: John Kalisz With Heart of Hush Paul Dini takes Jeph Loeb’s bandaged villain and injects some much needed pathos into his backstory, exploring Thomas Elliot’s warped relationship with his mother and the Elliot family’s criminal ties. The original ‘Hush’ arc was seemingly developed to give […]

Black Powder #1

Asylum Press Releases Black Powder #1 (of 3) Preview

Press Release: Frank Forte, publisher of Asylum Press, announces the release of previews for the company’s April solicitations (Featured in Diamond Comics’ Feb. Previews).  Black Powder, written and illustrated by Dwayne Harris, is a very exciting action adventure series that takes place during the catastrophic New Madrid earthquake of 1812.  Each issue will be double-sized […]

Superman: Earth One

Superman: Earth One Graphic Novel Review

2010, DC Comics/Titan Books Story: J. Michael Staczynski Pencils: Shane Davis Inks: Sandra Hope Colour: Barbara Ciardo J. Michael Staczynski updates the Last Son of Kryton’s origin for the inaugural release from DC’s new Earth One imprint; the publisher’s latest attempt to attract new readers with monthly titles that are free from all the cumbersome […]