Powers vol.3 #1

Powers vol.3 #1 Review

Icon, $3.99
Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Mike Avon Oeming, Nick Filardi

Detective Christian Walker returns in this new regular run, one which will hopefully avoid the shipping delays of the past two volumes. This issue finds a nice balance between following the continuity-heavy story and providing a jumping-on point for newcomers. Not only does Walker have feisty new partner Enki Sunris to deal with, but the murder of an old friend triggers an Ocean’s 11-inspired 60s flashback sequence which paints a far different picture of the stoic lawman.

Powers vol.3 #1

Powers vol.3 #1

Really, it’s business as usual for Powers. Bendis still writes snappy dialogue, and while Avon Oeming’s heavy inks occasionally comes off as a little slapdash, he still lends the series a style entirely its own. Powers doesn’t quite have the clout it once did when realised in 2000 – Alan Moore’s Top 10 is a superior read, and Oeming’s once influential art has been reproduced to better effect by many others – but it’s still a decent read that deserves to survive for a good few years more.


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