Punisher MAX vol. 2 #1

Punisher MAX vol. 2 #1 Review

Marvel, $3.99
Jason Aaron
Steve Dillon, Matt Hollingsworth

Two questions hit me before I even started reading the first issue in this new volume of the Punisher’s Marvel MAX series: 1) do we need another Punisher series so soon? And 2) Can anyone really replace Garth Ennis on the series?

Fortunately, it’s a resounding “yes” to both. Probably. Teaming with regular Ennis collaborator Steve Dillon, Jason Aaron (Scalped) fills this issue with more nauseating violence and juvenile humour than you can shake a boomstick at.

Punisher MAX vol. 2 #1

Punisher MAX vol. 2 #1

The basic premise behind this arc is also very good. Tired with being relentlessly slaughtered by Frank Castle, a group of Mafiosos plan to devise a fictitious Kingpin of Crime, a mythical figure that will steal Castle’s attention so that they may go about their business unscathed. And they’ve already found a decent decoy to fill those big shoes; a hushed Hell’s Kitchen bodyguard called Wilson Fisk. A great hook on what looks to be a great series.


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