Strange #1 Review

Strange #1 Review

Marvel, $3.99
Story: Mark Waid
Emma Rios, Christina Strain

After Brian K. Vaughan’s excellent miniseries and a recent stint in New Avengers that saw him lose his powers, Steven Strange is a doctor no more, hence the abbreviated title. Given the gravitas of Strange’s previous position in the Marvel Universe and his recent dismissal by the Eye of Agamotto, Mark Waid’s light-hearted romp at a baseball stadium feels incongruous to say the least.

Strange #1 Review
Strange #1 Review

Judged on its own merits, though, this issue is indeed silly but undeniably good fun, and the possibility of Strange having found an apprentice has potential. The colourful art and demon designs by Emma Rios and Christina Strain are similarly cartoonish, and oddly reminiscent of the 80s series Real Ghostbusters… whether that sounds brilliant or abysmal is entirely dependent on your own tastes.




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