Morbius for Spiderman 4?

Possible Joker in Batman 3, Morbius for Spiderman 4

Several treats I unearthed while probing the internet like a pig with a truffle habit:

Another Joker in Batman 3?

Dark Knight producer Chuck Roven recently spoke to MTV about the possible inclusion of the Joker in the third Batman movie, stating:

“On a personal level, Heath was a friend of mine. We had worked together before The Dark Knight, but I still think that The Dark Knight is its own thing, and we have to separate them.”

So expect the internet to be aglow with bizarre and insubstantial casting suggestions akin to Eddie Murphy playing the Riddler, or Cher as Catwoman, as well as fans being up in arms about the very idea of replacing Heath Ledger. Two years ago those same people were refusing to watch The Dark Knight when Ledger’s involvement was announced.

Morbius for Spiderman 4?
Morbius for Spiderman 4?

Spider-man versus the Energy Vampires from Greece

In the latest issue of Empire magazine, Sam Raimi mentions that he would like to use the vampire Morbius in Spider-man 4. While the idea of a vampire in the same universe as the previous films may initially sound ridiculous – even though the third film included an alien – Morbius is a scientific creation not unlike the Lizard. In fact, their origins are loosely tied together, which may be behind Raimi’s thinking, as it would be a wasted opportunity were Dylan Baker not to reprise the role of Curt Connor and his reptilian alter ego.

But please Sam, just two villains this time.

And there you go. I wanted to write about something that wasn’t a) DC related, b) Marvel related, c) involving superheroes. But there was nowt…



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