Batman: Arkham Asylum Teaser Trailer Online

An intriguing teaser trailer for the new video game Batman: Arkham Asylum is online. Last week an odd environment trailer showcased Ol’ Arkham itself, while this footage gives several glimpses of the characters involved.

Unsurprising given the recent surge of public interest from The Dark Knight, the Joker hogs a large portion of the meagre 44 seconds shown, and is evidently responsible for the anarchy at the eponymous funny farm. There’s also footage of an enormous Killer Croc, kept in rather flimsy chains and is that… Doomsday. Certainly looks like him, though that would make little sense, since: a) Doomsday is hardly a nutter, and b) I doubt Arkham’s dilapidated bricks and mortar could hold him.

Other villains also confirmed: Bane, The Riddler, The Penguin, Mr. Freeze, The Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Mr. Zsasz. I would be most surprised if Two-Face does not make an appearance also.

Several familiar vocal talents will be lending their voices to Arkham Asylum. Kevin Conroy will resume Bruce Wayne, and the Joker will be voiced by Mark Hamill; both did such an excellent job in the early nineties cartoon Batman: The Animated Series.


Being as it is not based on any particular movie or cartoon adaptation, Arkham Asylum definitely looks interesting. The building itself is clearly massive, and should make for both confined, claustrophobic interior scenes and expansive outdoor swing-abouts. You even get to trawl through shit infested sewers; something the Dark Knight does an awful lot of.



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