The Harlem Hellfighters

Preview: Max Brooks’ The Harlem Hellfighters

Feast your creepy, pin-prick eyes on some preview pages from Max Brook’s upcoming graphic novel, The Harlem Hellfighters, illustrated by Caanan White.

The book recounts the true story of the legendary African-American 369th infantry regiment of World War One, who fought not only the enemy but racism from their own government, yet lasted longer in battle than any other US regiment.

Max Brook’s is of course now a big name since the success of World War Z and the zombie survival guides, and I’m sure his take on  this forgotten tale of unsung heroes will be every bit as visceral as Caanan White’s splendid lines.

The Harlem Hellfighters will be released on 29 January 2015, published by Duckworth. Expect a review sometime soon.

The Harlem Hellfighters



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