Weekly Rehash #2 - Harley Quinn

WEEKLY REHASH #2: Ash Returns

Yup, I’m here again with my look back at last week’s biggest, most noteworthy or oddest stories. All in all, it was a painfully pointless week and I want my money back.


Marvel announced a Guardians of the Galaxy Team-Up series for February 2015, written by Brian Michael Bendis. While this may indicate a slow news week, it does show just how popular these characters have become in such a short period of time. I would say that Groot and Rocket Raccoon are the new Deadpool, but he’s somehow as popular as ever.

Guardians of the Galaxy Team-Up  #1


The Wolf of Wall Street‘s Margot Robbie has been cast as play Harley Quinn in David Ayer’s upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Of all the announced DC films, this has to be the one with the most potential, allowing for a cast of both fresh (to cinemagoers at least) and recognisable characters. Arrow did so well with the Suicide Squad that it’ll be interesting to see how Ayer’s versions of Deadshot and Bronze Tiger differ from the TV iterations.

Margot Robbie

Perhaps slightly more exciting is the persistent rumour that Jared Leto will play Harley’s love interest Mr J the Joker… hmm, not sure about that one.


Bruce Campbell is returning to face the Deadites in the form of a Starz television show. Robert Tapert will be producing Ash vs. Evil Dead, with Sam Raimi executive producing as well as writing and directing the first episode.

Evil Dead 2

It’s not quite the movie sequel news that fans were anticipating, but it could be worse. After the bland 2013 remake/reboot I just hope that the Army of Darkness team bring as much slapstick to the screen as they do gore. Evil Dead without Bruce Campbell getting repeatedly struck over the head with random objects isn’t Evil Dead.


Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Halo dominated the gaming news this week, not just because they’re two of 2014’s biggest rereleases, but because they don’t quite work as well as could be expected… or, in some case, at all.

Assassin's Creed Unity

This is a problem that has been brewing for some time now, and the fact that both games’ issues have received mainstream media attention reveals just how lost the video game industry has become. Ubisoft is on its way to becoming the new EA, so driven by preorders, DLC and season passes that the actual (bloody expensive) retail product is seemingly a secondary concern.


I actually have no idea if anything major happened in the literary world or not… but I’ve been enjoying A Confluence in Clifton by Philip Adie, a tale of witchcraft and malevolent otherworldly forces set in Bristol. I’d recommend this to fans of Terry Pratchett, though Adie’s superbly written characters and black humour are very much his own. Definitely an author I’ll be following from now on.

A Confluence in Clifton by Philip Adie


Oh look, this adorable sloth is too lazy to feed himself. My work here is done.



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