First Edition Announces First Comic Industry Web Comedy

Given the success of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and The Guild, I’m surprised that there haven’t been more cult web shows created with comic geeks and/or gamers in mind. At least, I’m assuming those shows were successful, as in someone, somewhere eventually profited from them…

First Edition is a new web comedy by Sam Weller and Canyon Prince, and follows a group of independent comic creators, in particular internet blogger Lori Banks, played by America Young, and her company of artistic misfits. The series promises to be rife with comic references and surreal humour and portray the comic industry with a level of attention that hasn’t been seen since, well, Kevin Smith still made good movies.

Interestingly, while First Edition won’t actually debut until early July, the site ( already includes a blog where the cast post news and opinions in character – which will be a sure-fire route to schizophrenia, if they’re not careful. There are also plans for a “how to” section detailing comic creation process that will presumably link into the show.

Here’s the synopsis:

First Edition’ created by Sam Weller and Canyon Prince, is a web comedy about Lori Banks, who wants to attract the attention of long-time friend and movie star Andrew Sommers by creating an independent comic book. She enlists the help of her brother Tim to find all the right people. Too bad most of them are out of their minds.

Starring America Young (Abandoned) as Lori Banks and guest starring Jason Gerhardt (General Hospital) as Andrew Sommers and Jon Donahue (Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2) as Hank Riley.

Weller and Prince are currency seeking additional financial backers at, so if you’ve a few dollars to spare and fancy a signed script or the opportunity to have your name added to the end credits, cyber-hop on over there.



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