Spider-man: Kraven's Last Hunt

Shelf Abuse Hath Arisen

Well… 2020 has been pretty fucking miserable, hasn’t it?

Still, after spending the last ninth months coming to terms with the fact that life will indubitably be the same next year, I’ve decided to rethink the way I go about writing and blogging.

Shelf Abuse will be resuming this week, with the Indie Penance piece becoming a weekly regular for now. Full-length reviews probably won’t ever see a comeback, as I’m currently too busy working on my own graphic novel.

Furthermore, I plan to update the blog daily with these smaller status updates. I’m trying to scale back my time spent on social media and wanted to try something new with the blog format; too brief to be classed as blog posts and too long to be tweets. Expect anything from reading suggestions and comic purchases to art project WIPs to personal updates. The way I’m currently doing things hasn’t been working and it’s time to take things in a new, more manageable direction.



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