Songs from the Punisher Movies

So you loved the Punisher movie, right? And it goes without saying that you’ve bought the obligatory skull T-shirt, joined the nearest gym and began on building a physique befitting Thomas Jane? Whether you’ve already assembling an arsenal large enough to stage a rebellion, or have decided that the obnoxious clerk down at the deli is in the crosshairs of some serious punishment, I’ve compiled a small Punisher-related audio selection that should compliment vigilante extremism no matter the occasion.

The Punisher (1989) Score
Dennis Dreith, Perseverance

For those with a fondness for the 1989 Dolph Lundgren vehicle (lower your hands, please) the Dennis Dreith score is available from Perseverance records. It’s a little cheesy, evoking the likes of Rambo and countless Schwarzenegger flicks, but it captures the essence of the Punisher surprisingly well, which is more than can be said for the rest of Mark Goldblatt’s abomination.

The Punisher: The Album (2004)
Various, Wind-Up Records

With great powers come big budget movies with lacklustre soundtracks. Okay, Frank doesn’t actually have any powers, so that doesn’t quite work, but this is the usual mix of nu-metal, rock and random oddities that seems mandatory with any superhero movie release. Fortunately, the metal direction suits the film more than it did either Spider-man 2 or Daredevil, and for fans of the genre it’s a pretty solid line-up.

Track listing:

1. “Step Up” by Drowning Pool

2. “Bleed” by Puddle of Mudd

3. “Slow Motion” by Nickelback

4. “Never Say Never” by Queens of the Stone Age

5. “Broken” by Seether Feat. Amy Lee

6. “Finding Myself” by Smile Empty Soul

7. “Lost In A Portrait” by Trapt

8. “Still Running” by Chevelle

9. “Ashes To Ashes” by Damageplan Feat. Jerry Cantrell

10. “Sold Me” by Seether

11. “Eyes Wired Shut” by Edgewater

12. “Slow Chemical” by Finger Eleven

13. “The End Has Come” by Ben Moody Feat. Jason Miller & Jason “Gong” Jones

14. “Piece By Piece” by Strata

15. “Bound To Violence” by Hatebreed

16. “Sick” by Seven Wiser

17. “Complicated” by Submersed

18. “Time For People” by Atomship

19. “In Time” by Mark Collie

The Punisher Score (2004)
Carlo Siliotto, La La Land

Carlo Siliotto’s score echoes Frank Castle’s pain and sorrow. While sounding similar to Dennis Dreith’s attempt, it’s slightly more deliberate set, the antithesis of the commercial soundtrack that has undoubtedly sold far more copies.

Track Listing:

1. Punisher

2. Otto Krieg

3. Unusual Resurrection

4. Moving

5. I Can’t Believe I’m Home

6. His Whole Family

7. Massacre

8. Death and Resurrection of Frank Castle

9. God’s Gonna Sit This One Out

10. Ice Lolly and Meat

11. You’re Gonna Help Me

12. Entering the Fort

13. About Your Family/Setting a Trap

14. Bomb for John Saint

15. Good Memories Can Save Your Life

16. Thugs

17. Torture

18. Elevator and Headache

19. New Family/Joan’s Suffering

20. Quentin’s Glass Home



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