Justice League Movie

Justice League Movie Rumours Return

A recent interview with Warner Bros. executive Jeff Robinov in The Los Angeles Times has suggested new plans for a Justice League movie, no doubt inspired by the hype (and good will) surrounding Marvel’s upcoming Avengers.

Justice League MovieUnlike this year’s continuity primers Captain America and Thor, however, it appears that the Justice League film will itself establish a DC movie universe and then, should it prove successful, spawn movies for members such as The Flash and Wonder Woman.

Not a bad idea – the JLA’s roster contains more recognisable names than the Avengers, many of whom are already household names. Few non-comic fans are familiar with Thor or Cap beyond their iconic costumes; it’s easy to forget that Joe Public had no idea exactly what an Iron Man was until Robert Downey Jr. donned the suit in 2008.

Justice League movie 90s
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Robinov also makes a surprising/worrying comment about the future of the Batman franchise, post-Nolan, hinting at yet another reboot.

Now, Nolan’s Batman movies have not only scored big with critics, fans and viewers alike, but been huge financial successes. The only fathomable reason as to why Warner Bros. would want to begin afresh with such a lucrative franchise is to establish a more JLA friendly Dark Knight. As great as Nolan’s Batman is, he’s far too grounded to comfortably co-exist in the same world as Superman and Martian Manhunter.



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