Dawn of the Unread Illustrates Nottingham’s Literary History

I’ve been meaning to mention Dawn of the Unread for some time.

This awesome little webcomic explores the lives of literary figures from Nottingham’s rich history, with a disparate collection of creators tackling a different local hero each month. The collaboration began as a project at Nottingham Trent University, and recently received an award for ‘Teaching Excellence’ in the Guardian’s University Awards 2015.

Such creators as Eddie Campbell, Hunt Emerson, Carol Swain and Gary Erskine and Alison Moore present a wild and eclectic selection of art styles and storytelling approaches. There are also YouTube videos detailing the creation of each comic.

I particularly enjoyed Aly Stoneman’s  recent contribution, a modern take on Robin Hood that isn’t at all what you’d expect it to be.

Check out the series at www.dawnoftheunread.com. New comics debut on the 8th of each month.




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