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Ghost City Comics Competition Opens to Indie Creators

As this embittered bastard can tell you from experience, standing out in self-publishing is a persistent uphill battle. For the legions of talented indie comic and webomic creators out there, however, the Ghost City Comics Competition may well be a solution.

Established by Michael Ruiz-Unger and Tucker Tota, the Ghost City Comics Competition hopes to find its place as the comic book equivalent of the film festival. The winner of each category will win a cash prize, but perhaps of equal value is the feedback the top entrants in each will receive from the panel of judges, which includes a diverse selection of industry professionals, artist, writers, publishers, and critics.

Oh, and I’ll also be on the panel, making everybody else look far, far more talented and successful by comparison. It’s become my niche skill.

Ghost City Comics

Categories in the competition’s debut year include the best 1-page comic, short story and single issue, as well as best writer, artist, colourist and letterer. Special guests include Jason Aaron, Sanford Greene, David Baron and Nate Piekos.

Interested? Then head over to to inspect the numerous prizes on offer, as well as the judges and sponsors involved. The competition opened to submissions on May 20th (as ever, I’m reporting a week behind) and closes on August 15. An entry fee is required, but it’s a negligible one, with a discount for submissions that meet earlier deadlines.



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