Roadkill Du Jour

Inverse Press Revs Up ‘Roadkill du Jour’ Kickstarter

Inverse Press has launched a Kickstarter appeal for the first issue in its 4-part comic series Roadkill du Jour, a tale of motorcycles, voodoo curses and flattened highway edibles. It’s also the only comic series I can think of in which the hero’s powers are derived from his insatiable appetite for fresh roadkill.

The series is written by Kevin LaPorte (Clown Town), with art by Shawn Harbin (The Dungeon Comic), and colours courtesy of Laura Guzzo (PrinceLess).

Roadkill du Jour

Plot synopsis:

In the bayou, a clash of rival motorcycle gangs vying for territory leaves one club decimated, with just one survivor – the cursed biker, duJour.  Afflicted by the dark hex of the rival gang’s ever-pregnant voodoo priestess, Mama Houdoo, duJour rides backwater roads alone, living on nothing but what dies on the road and chasing the fleeting soul of his love, Vanessa.  Only when saved from a deadly fate by a most unlikely Samaritan does duJour reclaim the gumption to rebuild the Roadkill Motorcycle Club and ride to vengeance and the lifting of the curse.  He and his motley assemblage of hog-straddling burnouts must survive a muddy gauntlet of monstrosities and magicks to reach Mama Houdoo, take down her gang and nullify the source of her power – the horrible, unbirthed thing inside her!

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