Jim Sheridan and Bart Sears’ The Helm Finds its Head

I recently received a promo for The Helm, a fun looking graphic novel from Jim Sheridan, the legendary Bart Sears and Randy Elliot. This TPB of the original four part Dark Horse series follows the rather novel premise of “What if you had a magical superpower… and it hated your guts?”

The Helm TPB
The Helm TPB


On the same day that epic loser Mathew Blurdy’s girlfriend breaks up with him and he is fired from his job at the video store, he encounters a magic, talking helmet at a garage sale which proclaims him “the Valhalldrim,” the chosen warrior of the light. That is until Matt touches the Helm and it suddenly realizes how unworthy he is. Then it changes its tune. But Matt’s not willing to let his shot at superherodom go so easily. He steals the Helm, thus becoming the first superhero whose magical superpower hates his guts.”

Sounds like a great take on the “legendary mystical weapon” fantasy cliché, and should be of interest to both comic readers and role playing game enthusiasts who’ll appreciate an ironic, humorous take on the subject. I’ve always wondered why there aren’t more ineffectual, overweight slobs in comics. You only have to visit my local comic book shop to see the demographic that’s been long overlooked by the comic industry.

The Helm will be released April 01, 2009, and will retail at $14.95. 104 pages. For more info on the book and a preview visit the official website at www.thehelmcomic.com. During its run as a comic miniseries, the Helm consistently made the Top Ten Best Seller List at Dark Horse and the Diamond 300 top sellers list. The series was also named one of the Best of 2008 by Regenerator Magazine.

In my second shameless plug of the day, I plan to have a review of The Helm coming up next week, so please bookmark shelfabuse.com and return soon to read my worthless and banal opinions.



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