Moon Girl

Moon Girl Graphic Novel Out Now

Red5 Comic’s pulp-inspired miniseries Moon Girl is now available in trade paperback. I’ve yet to read it, but Rahzzah’s stunning art makes the graphic novel’s trailer (shown below) one of the finest looking promotional vids for a comic I’ve ever seen.

Written by Tony Trov & Johnny Zito, the 188-page volume evokes 1950s pulp fiction, and is described by its creators as “The Dark Knight meets Mad Men for teens and adults.”

Masked vigilantes wage class warfare from the roof tops of 1950’s New York. Clare is an exiled Russian Princess hiding in New York. When enemies from her old life resurface, the repressed Warrior Queen must fight back. Moon Girl becomes a champion of the counter culture and inspires others in this era of social revolution to be more-than-human. But in order to defeat Satana, Sugar Plum Fairy, Tiki Bob and the dangerous forces they represent, Moon Girl will have to overcome her own neurosis!

Moon Girl can be ordered at ($14.95).

 Moon Girl - Graphic Novel



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