Square Planet Comics - Richard and Theo’s Funny Books

Richard and Theo Plan 52 Funny Books in 1 Year

Sometimes it feels like everyone with internet access is illustrating and marketing their own novels or comics. So how do you set yourself from the pack? By attempting a newsworthy record, perhaps.

The artists at New Zealand-based publisher Square Planet Comics, or at least two of them, have decided to make 52 different 8-page comic books in a single year. The comics will be released on a weekly basis and will be free to read online, with purchasable collections planned.

Square Planet Comics - Richard and Theo’s Funny Books

According to creators Richard Fairgray and Theo MacDonald, Richard and Theo’s Funny Books will “range in tone, genre and style; ranging from formal and traditional comic storytelling to experimental, to single panel cartoons. There’ll be stories of vampires, astronauts, super heroes, ghosts, everything you would want from a company doing this many books.”

Square Planet Comics - Richard and Theo’s Funny Books

To be entirely honest, I wouldn’t know if this is a world record or not, I just made that bit up in the name of hyperbole. Is there a way to check such things? Regardless, it’s a considerable feat and it’ll be interesting to see if Fairgray and MacDonald reach their lofty goal.

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