Paladin - Sinople Publishing

Sinople Publishing Revives Out of Print Graphic Novels Digitally

Sinople Publishing is a new independent comic publisher and non-profit organization formed by several authors who’ve reclaimed their work’s rights back from a publisher when it went bankrupt.

Paladin - Sinople Publishing

First up from the publisher is Tome 1 of Gallic graphic novel Paladin, by Xavier Penin, Fabien Dalmasso and Fred Vigneau, a fantasy spoof that is available in both French and English. Volume two of Paladin is also now available, in French, with an English translation on the way.

Sinople’s books are currently only available on the iPad, and through iTunes, which pretty much excludes this Apple outsider, but if you own one of such shiny devices, take a gander at the publisher’s first releases here:

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