Deadpool Kicks Ass in Marvel vs Capcom 3

E3 has been seen some true gaming gems unveiled this week, but the real highlight for me had to be the decent amount of gameplay footage from the long-anticipated Marvel vs Capcom 3, and finally some videos of the ubiquitous Merc with the Mouth in action. Not quite sure he’s wacky or fourth wall-busting enough at the moment, but the game still has a good 7-9 months of development before it hits the shelves.

Other than the addition of Deadpool, Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield and Devil May Cry’s Dante, MvC3 is evidently business as usual for the beloved Versus series; though that’s not a bad thing by any means. The savage Hulk and Extremis suit Iron Man, while being different in appearance from the last game, clearly play exactly the same as before.

Question is, now the game is in 3D will there be alternate costumes? Or will Capcom be saving those for extortionately priced DLC?



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