Coraline Movie Trailer

The official full length trailer from the Neil Gaiman children’s novel (also adapted into a graphic novel by P. Craig Russell) has been doing the rounds for the past few days. Directed by Henry Selick, who was responsible for The Nightmare Before Christmas – which was based on a picture book by Tim Burton, but not, as often assumed, directed by him. Coraline has clearly retained the art style that defined that film and James and the Giant Peach.

Kooky, spooky, and downright creepy, Coraline definitely looks promising. Though the first half of the trailer is standard kid’s fare – and there’s nothing wrong with that – the second half is decidedly darker. There’s something seriously unnerving about such cute little models having buttons sown over their eyes. And about buttons being sown over eyes in general.

Oh, and it’ll be the first three-dimensional stop-motion animation movie. Ever. Which has to be worth something, right? Right?



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