I See the Promised Land

I See the Promised Land given Special Mention in White Ravens Catalogue

Press Release: I See the Promised Land has been singled out for Special Mention in the White Ravens Catalogue of the world’s best books for young people, released this week at the Bologna Book Fair.

Described by the jury from the International Youth Library in Munich as, ‘an extraordinary collaboration between devoted artists from three continents’ it was praised for being, ‘an engaging and challenging graphic novel for a young (and older) audience.’

I See the Promised Land

I See the Promised Land

I See the Promised Land is an unusual retelling of the life of Martin Luther King Jr, with text by African American performance poet Arthur Flowers and art by Patua scroll artist Manu Chitrakar. Italian designer Guglielmo Rossi brings these distinct elements together into the form of a modern graphic novel.

This is the eighth book by South Indian publishing house Tara Books to be honoured with the White Ravens label.

This post was not written by Carl Doherty, or indeed anyone else for Shelf Abuse, but is a reiterated press release. A bit of a shoddy practice, one might argue, but it gets the information across.

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