Welcome to The Fold

You’re Just Too Physical

Apologies for that headline. I should have known better.

For reasons unknown, I’ve yet to report that physical editions of both titles featured on Bothersome Books are now available via print-on-demand. So, you can now hurl Welcome to The Fold across the room in frustration without breaking any valuable circuitry.

Welcome to The Fold comes in at a whopping 508 pages, and consequently sells for an equally ambitious £11.99/$15.99.  If that’s a bit too steep for your wallet, the digital edition still sells for the equivalent of £2.99/$3.99.

Welcome to The Fold - Carl Doherty

Emily Babb’s thought provoking dystopian debut These Unnatural Men has been receiving some astounding 5 star reviews, and is also available in paperback for £7.99, or as a digital download for £2.99.

Both the book’s pages have been updated with buttons to make finding the different versions that little bit easier.

These Unnatural Men - Emily Babb

If you’ve enjoyed either of these novels or hope to read them soon, then please follow BothersomeBooks on social media. A 3-chapter preview of my second novel, vegan(Vn), will hopefully be up before 2018’s end.



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