Welcome to The Fold, These Unnatural Men

The Proofs are Here! Again…

So, it’s been over three years since I digitally published Welcome to The Fold. The book received favourable responses from the few people who read it, even if word of its existence didn’t exactly spread as I’d naively hoped. To be fair, I stopped promoting it a few months in, with plans to market the book fully once the physical edition was finished, though other creative projects and that thing we call life intervened in spectacular style. I’ll also be the first to admit that the idea of seeing my work in print has never fascinated me as it does so many writers; the words remain the same whatever form they’re in. Regardless, the CreateSpace editions of both Fold and my partner Emily Babb’s debut These Unnatural Men arrived this week and… once again I’m not too impressed.

The interiors are excellent, but the print quality on the covers (matte finish for both) is dull, washed-out and of a quality you’d expect from a home inkjet. Perhaps I’m asking too much from print-on-demand, but I’ll nevertheless try both a CS gloss cover and Ingram Sparks before I likely resort to finding a decent printer and ordering copies in bulk.

Also I forgot to remove the Createspace template from the These Unnatural Men cover PDF; an error so unforgivable (for someone whose been doing similar shit for over a decade) that there’s nowt left for me to do but commit seppuku.



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