Indie Comic Spotlight: Cordyceps Tickles!

Cordyceps Tickles! is an autobiographical webcomic about “an ambiguously-gendered ex-shut-in trying to make sense of life outside their room by sketching down the cool parts.”

Bizarrely, the comic is written under the pseudonym of The Gerbil, the comic’s 3D glasses-wearing protagonist who recounts his life with his eclectic supporting cast of rodents… as well as a fox, dog and cat. Because why the hell not.

Cordyceps Tickles

According to the site, the cordyceps is “a type of parasitic fungus with an interesting way of keeping itself on the ‘Proof Nature is a Jerk’ Top 100 list.” Nasty. And the comic itself retains that title’s perverse sense of humour; beneath the cute and scruffy pencil art, the strips feature anything from the larks of being on insomnia medicine, to a heartfelt apology from the author to those loved ones who are too dead to hear it.

The Gerbil says that Cordyceps Tickles!, which is now on its 130th addition, started as a way to foil his urges for perfectionism. “I planned ahead that the art wouldn’t be that great (I get to erase anything twice; after that, I have to move on), so I could concentrate on getting stuff drawn consistently. That was a year and a half ago, so the plan seems to have been working fairly well.”

Visit to read the comic.

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